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We are so super excited to report that our Lance 1575 has arrived to Southland RV, and we have a pick up date!!! Our dream is full-time RV'ing and adventuring, and eventually we'll get to that... but since we aren't doing that yet, our plan is to pick one place to go every month (more of that later). When we got the call that our Lance was here, and we needed to schedule an appointment to pick it up, Flash and Mookie were at odds about how to make this work for them. Mookie is at work Monday through Friday, Southland RV said the earliest they could pick up was NEXT Wednesday, August 19th (they're only open until 5:00 p.m.!), and Flash and Mookie had their very first camping reservation scheduled for Friday, August 21st!

Since Mookie wanted to be there to experience the excitement in the pick up of their very first RV, she called Southland RV and spoke to the salesman. She told them since the earliest they could pick up their new travel trailer was next Wednesday, they would just go ahead and pick it up at 1:00 p.m. on August 21st... which would put them leaving the dealer that is south of Atlanta no earlier than 3:00 p.m. to head through Atlanta rush hour traffic on a Friday, and make it home to pack up for their first camping trip. Then, add the time to pack up for said camping trip (in a brand new travel trailer), and then hit the road north towards Tennessee (with brand new owners/drivers of a brand new travel trailer)... which would put them at their campsite late and after night fall (to set up a brand new travel trailer for the very first time!)... probably not thought through all the way due to so much excitement.

After much deliberation, Flash and Mookie came to an agreement. They would go to Southland RV Saturday to sign all the finance paperwork, and then Flash would pick up the travel trailer on Wednesday, so that they could get it home, and do the prep work that needs to be done before they tow the travel trailer all the way to Tennessee.

With all of the travel trailer pick up arrangements complete, we want to share our destinations for our upcoming trips. Our plans are to make reservations as we do have limited time-frames due to work (maybe travel nursing is sometime in the future?). We are fortunate that Mairin is doing distance learning online (at least for this first semester), so if there is time to leave early or stay late, this can be accommodated easily without affecting her school work. We were originally going to be traveling to Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia, but we have had an awesome opportunity to join the Shepherd's Men (www.shepherdsmen.com) to hear Kevin Kinney of Drivin N Cryin and Levi Lowery singer/songwriter (contributing to Zac Brown Band) in concert. Not to mention, August 22nd is our anniversary!! August 22nd. 22 years married. 22 Veteran's commit suicide every day (supporting Shepherd's Men and their cause). We are extremely excited about this event hosted by Shepherd's Men who devote themselves to helping Veteran's.

Our September reservations are for Fort McAllister State Park in Georgia which is near Hilton Head, South Carolina (someplace we've never been!). In October, we head back to our familiar territory in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and then in December, we will hit up Cloudland Canyon State Park. We plan to do more vlogging in the days ahead which we assure you will be far more funnier than our blog.

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