Welcome to Adventures of Flash and Mookie

We are so excited to start this journey of documenting our adventures. We wish we would have started long ago, as we have done a lot of living in our 40 some years of life (we look forward to comments, suggestions, feedback, etc!).

We have been adventuring together since we met in June of 1996. Both of us were on a separate journey at that time time, but who knew meeting each other in Myrtle Beach so many years ago would land us where we are today.

Mookie and two of her best friends were walking down the Myrtle Beach strip one hot, summer night. Three good looking guys in a single cab pick up truck pulled into a driveway and cut off the sidewalk where the girls were headed. They asked if the girls wanted to go to a club with them. All under 21 years of age, naive, and very trusting, the girls requested a ride to their hotel room to get some things, and were, of course, willing to hit the club with these fine gentlemen... who were Marines!!! (EEEKKK!) Mookie's two friends climbed into the single cab pick up truck with two of the guys, and left Mookie to climb into the bed of the truck with this blue-eyed babe. This babe happened to be Flash! The group went to the club and danced until they shut the place down. After the club, they all went back to the hotel room. While everyone else went their separate ways, Flash and Mookie walked all of Myrtle Beach looking for an open convenience store for cigarettes (don't ever start! it's a nasty habit, and we have since quit!), and bottled water. They found both of these things miles away. They made their way back to the hotel where they walked and talked on the beach, and then sat there with the sun rising over them. That morning, Flash told Mookie he was going to marry her some day. That's right! After one night together, they both knew. They walked to the parking lot where the other two guys had slept in the truck, they exchanged addresses and phone numbers, and they went their separate ways. Neither of them knew if they would ever hear from the other again. Mookie was on a high after meeting this guy who was not only cute, but so incredibly smart. He just didn't know how smart he was. Flash went back to Camp Lejeune, and within a week, sent Mookie a letter. Two weeks after that, he called her... (we won't lie, she was ecstatic!) And since then, aside from their long-distance military lifestyle relationship, they were inseparable!

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