Lance 1575... Initial Thoughts

In the middle of the week, Flash brought home “Peanut,” their Lance 1575. Mookie got home from work that day, and the travel trailer was already set up at a fairly steep incline in their driveway still attached to the towing vehicle (options are minimal where they live). The stabilizers were down, and Mairin was setting up camp already on the inside. It is interesting living in a cul-de-sac where Peanut couldn’t be parked in the street… and the driveway…. well, there’s not much we can do about that. They did as much as they could in between the rain showers to prepare for their first trip, and Mairin decided she and Tulia were going to sleep in Peanut that night. Flash and Mookie’s only piece of advice… sleep with your head at the high end!

The following day, Flash turned Peanut around and parked Peanut towards the upper part of the driveway where Peanut would be a little more level AND where the refrigerator would work! A little fun fact, the fridge will not work if Peanut is more than 6 degrees off level (that tells you just how much of an incline there was!).

Initially, Flash’s thoughts were, how do we organize everything and ensure safety is met. Every time Mookie would bring something into Peanut, Flash would inspect it and decide whether it was a good idea to bring that item back into the house. At one point, six small plastic cups were brought into Peanut. Flash looked at those and said no one that is over six years old will ever use them. We have silicone cups from Reformation Brewery (we will talk about them in the future). Flash also said that we each have a Yeti coffee cup that each of us can really use for every situation. So, Yeti and silicone, it is for now. Flash said that weight distribution before we travel and ensuring stuff is not moving will be his main priority before leaving.

Much more to share, but for now we will have a drink (Mookie – Wine, Flash – Whiskey) and rest a little before tomorrow’s storm of incredible emotions.

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