I Found the Fountain of Youth


I think we can all agree that experience helps us get through future challenges and protects us from known threats. In the past, I turned the widget right when I should have turned it left. In the future, I will hopefully not turn it left any more. Or once I was pulling into my garage and forgot one of my surfboards on the roof rack, which resulted in damage to my garage and me having one less surfboard in my quiver. I never did that again with surfboards. **but I did with a kayak rack about 15 year later…oops. But hopefully not again.


When I was young, much of my focus was on survival. Then I joined the Marine Corps, and my focus transitioned to just doing what I was told. Eventually I went off to war, and my focus went back to survival. One thing I learned while a kid and during war was that stress always always always made survival, and everything else, more challenging. I found that focusing on small victories helped eliminate my stress. Well, maybe not eliminate but definitely mitigate it.

As I progressed through my time in the corps, I noticed many of my friends, some younger than me, looked old beyond their actual age. My friends had wrinkles and grey hair, and here I was looking like I am still 17. I know that genetics has influence on how you age physically, but that is not the limiting factor.


Whether during combat or buying a house or new car, I have always found a way to mitigate the stress that attaches. Another tool I picked up fairly quick was learning from others experience. Earlier in my military career, I would watch the more senior member take each situation with ease. I knew that if they were calm under the stress, then I could be also. Stress only compounds situations... so stop stressing. Take a step back and crush that stress!

Beyond stress I do not drink often, smoke, or do drugs. Each of these has been proven to age a person. Yes, I love whiskey, as those of you that have seen my reviews can attest to. However, I do not get drunk, nor do I have a drink every day. I have smoked on occasion as well, but once again it is not an everyday thing. Maybe small vices are okay in small doses. Shoot, I am no medical doctor, but I do know how I go about life.

Weight and diet are essential to keeping me active. I was almost 240 lbs during the Super Bowl of 2020. I was slow, breathed heavy, and just had little motivation to get out of any seat I was in. I knew this was going to age me, so, I decided to start counting my calories. I would eat no more than 1700 calories a day. In about 4 months, I was able to get to 199 lbs. I felt great, I had tons of energy, and I felt young again. When you feel young, you will look young.


My hopes are that you read this and maybe take a different view of life, and find that fountain of youth like I have.


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