Expectations Vs. Reality = Where Are We Headed Now?

For several years now, Flash and Mookie have talked about how "some day," they were going to sell everything, buy a 5th wheel, and travel the country. With a daughter still in high school, shining in her academic career, and Flash just graduating from law school, it just wasn't the right time to set off on such a big adventure... just yet.

After watching and getting hooked on some YouTube channels (Keep Your Daydream) related to full-time RV'ing, the words echoed in their heads, "Start wherever you can. Start small. Start now. Do whatever you can to make it work for you now. Do whatever works for your budget. Just get out there." Flash and Mookie found themselves headed to Southland RV in Norcross, Georgia to look at travel trailers with the intent to "bring something home today." They drove down filled with excitement and anticipation, and that nervous feeling one gets when they are about to make a large purchase. While the lot was filled with beautiful Airstreams and Lance travel trailers, the specific model that Flash and Mookie had researched and intended to purchase was not in stock. There were several factors that came into play when it came to choosing a travel trailer; the towing capacity of our vehicle was the biggest, and budget was a close second if not a tie. It had to have a bathroom with a separate toilet and shower (Mookie's request). So, what did they do??? They ordered a Lance 1575 Travel Trailer. It was light enough for their Jeep Wrangler to tow. The price was a little more than they hoped after choosing some of the options on the model, but they hold their value, so in the end they are getting what they are paying for. It is all-weather and all azdel (one of a kind!) And there is enough room for 4 to sleep. Now mind you, this travel trailer is SMALL! It reminds Flash and Mookie of their first apartment in McHenry, Illinois. The floor length is exactly 15' 9". Their oldest daughter can vouch that her bedroom in that 800 sq ft Illinois apartment was meant to be a small den where Flash and Mookie rigged a tension rod and curtain for a door. This travel trailer does not even have a curtain to separate the comfortable queen size bed from the rest of the trailer. But they don't care. It's small. It's on budget. It's getting them out there. They are making their dream a reality one small step at a time.

This weekend Flash and Mookie were expecting to pick up their new travel trailer from Southland RV, and while it's on its way from the manufacturer, it's not there yet!! They are looking forward to getting to pick up their Lance when it finally arrives (hurry up, Lance! they're so excited they can't stand it!), and even more so to their first upcoming camping trip!

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