Calling All Graphic Designers/Artists/Creative Minds

We are looking for a logo for Adventures of Flash and Mookie to call their own. We have ideas (many of them!), but would love some help along the way to help us come up with our final logo. We thought, why not a little friendly competition?! After logo submissions, we will post them on social media and hold a vote to see who wins! The winner of our new logo will win a prize with the logo on the prize itself. We are looking for something simple, but also original, so be CREATIVE! For reference, we love travel, hiking, kayaking, anything outdoorsy, RV travel, craft brewery, wine, good food, road trips, hanging with friends, and unique adventures. We are hoping to choose a winner by 9/1/20. Email submissions to

Also, be sure to check out and sign up at our website at to receive notifications for recent blog posts, new videos, instagram feed, and our Amazon favorites!

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