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All Of The SHIRTS - An Endeavor

Updated: May 2, 2021

Happy Day, everyone! As most of you know, we recently endeavored a test run of pre-selling some t-shirts on our website. You ordered ahead and then we shipped them all out. We didn’t make them ourselves, but supported a local business here in our hometown, Terminus Tees. We came up with design ideas through some military background, because as you may know, that’s what a retired Recon Marine does, he comes up with ideas! Flash really likes whiskey, so the inspiration for that particular shirt came from that passion. He does a little crappy whiskey review on YouTube, which can also be found on our website. CHEERS to many in their own language! We designed a new logo and catch phrase for Adventures of Flash and Mookie. We really loved our previous logo with all of the colors and scenery, but we soon found out that to use that logo on products other than a digital item would become very expensive. We needed a little less detail, simpler lines, and less color for our logo to work for us. We love how the new logo brings out what we truly love in our adventures… camping in our new travel trailer, boating, the mountains, and nature. We also love so much more like traveling overseas and far off places, seeing city sights, the beach, and we could go on and on. It’s just our logo could not go on and on. We believe “Take Me Along” is an awesome phrase…. we love to travel anywhere and everywhere, and really DO want to take you all along with us.

And we want you take us WITH YOU! If you supported us by purchasing a shirt, and you happen to be out adventuring (we don’t care what the adventure is… a local hike, biking, kayaking, traveling to far off places), take a picture of yourselves with your shirt on and send it to us! We want to see what you’re up to. If you post it on social media, please tag us and/or hashtag your photo #adventuresofflashandmookie #takemealong.

We had a lot of fun coming up with these shirt ideas, and each step was a process. We are not by any means a business entity… we are just a couple of middle-aged people who thought it would be fun to do this task together. We honestly didn’t know how things would turn out for us in the end. We did pre-orders as a form as financial protection. When you custom order something that you’ve made, we found out that you have to order in bulk (50 shirts of each screen print) in order for the cost per shirt to make it worthwhile. We initially said that if we didn’t get 50 per screen print, we would just cancel those orders and refund money. With that being said, that would have been really hard to do too! We also really wanted to please the people who ordered from us and fulfill EVERY. SINGLE. ORDER. We decided that if that meant taking a loss, we would do just that. Building the store website was something we had never done. There were so many things to consider, and we didn’t know that all of our items didn't show up on the mobile site until well after our pre-orders went live. We welcomed feedback about how the mobile site showed our products as well as the desktop site. We thought it was going to be a disaster, but we finally figured out how to manipulate the site to work both ways. It didn’t come without a little struggle or a little frustration and possibly a little arguing as well, yet it was still filled with love. For those of you who know Flash, he is a leader, loud, and gets the job done any way necessary. As far as Mookie goes, she is also a leader, quiet, AND a perfectionist. Sometimes the "want to get the job done" and "perfection" personalities tend to clash. One thing we do know, though, is that we wanted this to be successful! And we want you to love your shirts as much as we love ours! Turns out, we'll still be able to afford for Flash to take the Bar exam!

Somewhere down the road, we may do this shirt thing again (if we get motivated and have the time). Tell us your thoughts. What do YOU want to see? What do YOU want to wear? If we do this again, we may make minor changes or even add one other design Flash has been stewing over.

Our ultimate goals and dreams for our future is that someday soon, we would like to do RV living full-time and travel the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our intent with traveling is to seek volunteer opportunities in the different areas we will be traveling to, and to bring attention to those opportunities with our vlog and blog so that others locally can also lend a hand. Community volunteering is very important to us.

So, if you purchased a shirt from us, THANK YOU!! If you didn’t, we have very few left over. Are you a 2XL or want a small men’s whiskey tank? You may inquire by message or e-mail regarding what is left, and when we are able, we may add them to our website for purchase.

We wish you HAPPY ADVENTURING today and always!

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